A SPERM bank has opened in Chelmsford - and bosses will visit bars and clubs looking for donors.

A campaign will be rolled out by managers of Simply Fertility which has recently opened at Baddow Hospital, in West Hanningfield Road, Great Baddow.

The idea was thought up by the firm’s managing director Andy Glew and centre manager Sarah Walt, who have a combined 45 years experience as clinical embryologists.

Mr Glew explained: “What we want to do is go round pubs and clubs.

“We’ll have a few nice young ladies with us to help, but it is all about encouraging more people to consider donating.

“We hope to become one of the largest facilities in the UK and campaigns like this will help.”

Along with sperm, the centre will also offer services for egg donations and surrogacy.

With a shortage of donors in the country, Mr Glew said they want to address the problem by showing people how the system works.

This includes hosting monthly open evenings are also being organised to help show donors the facilities with the first being on January 20.

Mr Glew said: “The growing demand for donors in the UK has been escalated by the rising number of patients seeking alternative families.

“We aim to take the seediness out of donating, making donors feel proud about their donation, after all it is an amazing gift to give.”

Sperm donators are given compensation of £35 per sample while egg donators get a one-off fee of £750.

For more information, visit www.simply-fertility.com or call 01245 241231.