A CHELMSFORD man had refused hospital treatment eight days before he died.

Colin Wilkinson, 65, of Broomfield Road, died on May 12 last year at Broomfield Hospital with the cause of death being given as pneumonia and a fractured cervical spine.

An inquest into his death, last Wednesday, was told he had originally refused hospital treatment when offered by paramedics.

On May 4, Mr Wilkinson’s nephew John Marshall had found his uncle, who had recently been treated for a stroke, face down in his bedroom, prompting a 999 call.

Christopher Wilkinson, the first paramedic at the scene, said: “Me and the other ambulance staff pushed for him to go to hospital, but he didn’t want to leave, which is something he explained calmly and confidently.

“We could see his condition was deteriorating, but we cannot drag people out of their homes if they don’t want to leave.”

Paramedics made a choice to take Mr Wilkinson to hospital after he became unconscious and carried him down six flights of stairs.

Coroner Caroline Beasley-Murray concluded the inquest by saying Mr Wilkinson died as the result of an accident.

Turning to his relatives, Mrs Beasley-Murray said: “It was a tragic accident and I’d again like to pass on the court’s thoughts with you, his family members.”