A CANCER survivor from Chelmsford will be the voice of a new national charity campaign.

Paul Blacketer, 39, is fronting Cancer Research UK’s radio adverts as part of its latest project to raise awareness of the condition and how “research kills cancer”.

The former firefighter was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukaemia, cancer of white blood cells, during a holiday in Florida, USA, in 2007 and was close to going blind, according to doctors.

However, he was able to recover through a course of antibiotics which had been researched by scientists from the charity, meaning he was able to marry his fiancee, Emma, five months later.

Mr Blacketer, who will never be cured fully of the condition, said being told he had cancer was like a “death sentence” and he wants to help the charity in whatever way he can for helping to save his life.

He said: “I was so lucky it was picked up when it was. The doctors told me I was four to 12 weeks away from going blind. I would never have seen my wife in her wedding dress.

“I know from experience that research kills cancer, so that’s why I’m supporting this vitally important campaign to help the charity speed up the advances it is making in the battle against the disease.”

The message in the adverts will be how research is helping beat cancer and how it is crucial funding is received to keep this going.

Along with the radio promotions, adverts are also appearing on TV and billboards around the country.

For more information about how to help the charity, visit www.cruk.org