A STORAGE unit used by Broomfield Hospital for blood supplies has been earmarked to close.

Plans announced by the Blood and Transplant section of the NHS could see the unit, in Brentwood, shut down in a bid to save millions of pounds.

The building provides hospitals in Essex and London with supplies of blood.

Blood kept at the unit will be transferred to Cambridge, Tooting and Colindale, north London, if the board of the Blood and Transplant section agrees on the proposals during a meeting on March 22.

Also included within the plans are to relocate the donor suite at Brentwood to another location in the town, with up to 57 jobs being affected by the change.

A spokeswoman said: “If approved, the new proposal will cause very little disruption for blood donors who currently donate at the Crescent Drive centre as the donor suite will move to an alternative site nearby.

“We will work with hospitals that could be affected by these proposals to ensure they continue to receive the same quality of service.”