CAMPAIGNERS are furious after their calls for a road crossing have been sidelined again.

Essex County Council has told people who want to see a zebra crossing in Linnet Drive that the idea is outside of its policy so it cannot support it at the moment.

This comes despite more than 1,200 signatures on a petition, following years of campaigning from people who believe a crossing is desperately needed for the road.

Jude Deakin, who has been one of the campaign leaders, said it seems like the buck is being passed around by the authorities.

The Lib Dem Chelmsford councillor for Marconi ward said: “Residents feel like they’re being ignored and it just seems like it’s bureaucracy gone mad.

“I have to say my blood is boiling, as our idea is being booted into the political long grass once again.

“I don’t mind what’s installed there, whether it be a crossing or yellow lines, as long as it’s safe, although I do have reservations about line restrictions and how it would be policed.

“We could end up with nothing, despite having 1,200 people signing a petition and getting support from both the schools on the road.”

The county council said assessments were carried out for the scheme, but none fitted with its policy.

A spokesman said: “Neither of the proposed schemes, for the installation of a school crossing patrol or pedestrian crossing, met the national or county council criteria, and the Chelmsford local highways panel voted unanimously not to take either scheme forward.

“The panel also agreed it was important to improve visibility in the immediate area where children cross Linnet Drive, and therefore voted unanimously to ask for new parking restrictions on this portion of Linnet Drive.

“This will now be urgently investigated by the South Essex Parking Partnership and it’s hoped to have these new safety measures in place as soon as possible.”