A TASTE of the Mediterranean has come to Chelmsford with the opening of a Greek restaurant and takeaway.

Zorba the Greek has started up their charcoal grills in Viaduct Road offering diners the chance to try the delights of cuisine from Greece which was not available in the city before.

Dishes on the menu include traditional meals such as moussaka, souvlaki, kleftiko and greek salad, known as horiatiki.

The business which allows diners to eat in or takeaway was opened by Harry Coutsavakis, who comes from a Cypriot family and whose wife is Greek, who said the unique food is proving popular.

Mr Coutsavakis said: “I have been living in Greece for the last six years working in the Greek music industry, but the music industry is dying and with the financial state of Greece I decided to leave.

“So I thought what the next best thing to music and that is food, so I decided to open the takeaway and came across the unit in Chelmsford were we are based now.

“A couple came in just after we opened and said how thrilled they were to see Greek food was available locally again as it hasn’t been for about 20 years when another restaurant, also called Zorba, closed.

“Along with this, we have already had customers coming back saying how lovely the food is so I think we are proving to be popular already, especially as there isn’t anything like us nearby.”

Each dish at the restaurant is prepared from fresh on a hot charcoal grill with the food being based on the healthy eating traditions of cuisine from the country.

Food from the Mediterranean nation is cooked using either olive or extra virgin olive oil which means it is healthier than meals made with other oils or lard.

Doors are open at Zorba the Greek from 6pm to 11pm Monday to Saturday and 6pm to 10pm on Sundays. For more information, visit www.zorbathegreek.co.uk or call 01245 357232