A BISHOP turned into a miracle car mechanic when he blessed the Queen’s Bentley which was not working - and it started!

Stephen Cottrell, the Bishop of Chelmsford, had been conducting a sermon in Sandringham with Her Majesty present.

After the service, he joined the Queen outside the church gate where she spoke to a big crowd which had gathered.

Problems occurred though when she nodded to the driver of her Bentley indicating it was nearly time to go, only to hear the car engine struggle to start up.

At this point, Bishop Stephen stepped in to make a “joke” bid at trying to fix the issue.

Bishop Stephen said: “When the chauffeur tried starting the Bentley, the engine just made that throaty, rasping noise all cars do when they don’t start up properly.

“He tried three or four times to no avail and the crowd by this point had noticed what was going on.

“Just for a bit of fun I took a little step forward and pronounced a blessing to the car, which got a laugh from onlookers, but then the driver tried again and it started straight away.

“The crowd laughed again and the Queen was smiling as well, but I think it was just a happy coincidence rather than a miracle. It was all quite funny though.”