IT workers from Springfield are celebrating winning £10,000 each through a Euro Millions Lottery syndicate, despite buying the wrong tickets at first.

Fifteen staff from Clifford Thames, in Springfield Lyons House, scooped just over £151,000, something they only discovered as they returned from their Christmas break.

The win came after syndicate leader Andrew Brown asked his fellow players what they should do with the year’s £150 winnings, with the employees agreeing to a lucky dip selection for the Christmas Day draw.

However, after Mr Brown bought the tickets, he realised they were for the December 21 draw instead and was unable to change them back.

This choice saw them match five numbers plus one of the lucky star balls.

Mr Brown said: “When I bought the lucky dip tickets for the Christmas Day Euro Millions draw I was in a bit of a rush so didn’t check the tickets there and then.

“It was only the next day when I was putting them in my syndicate drawer at work that I spotted the mistake.

“Unable to change them, I left the tickets in my desk drawer and we all went off for the Christmas break. Thank goodness fate intervened as it’s made us all £10,000 richer.”

The syndicate members split the winnings and put £1,413 into the pot for future draws.