A YOUNG snooker star raised more than £1,600 during a 24-hour snooker marathon after his friend was diagnosed with cancer.

Starting on December 23, Harry Green, 15, from Harlow, played all day and night at Chelmsford Snooker Club, on the Rivermead Industrial Estate, to raise money for University College Hospital London.

His playing partner and fellow England under-16s player Billy O’Connor is at the hospital being treated for gem cell cancer and this diagnosis spurred Harry into organising the snookerthon.

A free table was given to the teenager by venue boss Mike Blower allowing him play people including professional player Mark King, ranked 31 in the world, throughout the 24 hours.

The event raised £1,630, and Harry said having Billy with him in the snooker hall kept him going through the night.

Harry said: “The hardest part was the 5am till 7am, when the time just seemed to stand still.

“The best part was seeing Billy with a smile on his face and him thanking me.”

Alongside King, fellow snooker professional Sean O’Sullivan, ranked 95th in the world, also played against Harry.

A team from Chelmsford fire station’s White Watch also came to the event to play a few games with the teenager.

Harry’s fundraising effort is also set to entertain spectators at the forthcoming Masters Snooker Tournament, at Alexandra Palace, London, next month.