A REPORT has raised issues with recreational drug use and littering at this year’s V Festival.

Chelmsford councillors Mark Springett and Linda Mascot conducted a report for the event organisers to help them make any necessary improvements for next year’s festival, in Hylands Park.

Overall the pair, who are both Lib Dem members, said the event was “well organised”, but did point out problems with drug use involving laughing gas, after finding piles of empty canisters on site.

The gas is inhaled by people through a balloon and is described as giving a feeling of being “very drunk”, with the report saying police and security were “unaware of the problem”.

Issues involving litter around the park, which has been described as the “worst seen at any festival”, has also been highlighted.

Mr Springett and Mrs Mascot said in their report: “On the whole, the event is well organised and visitors and locals alike enjoy the amiable atmosphere.

“Although the police are doing an excellent job, there are still many people using drugs for recreational use and more vigilance is needed.

“The one thing that needs addressing above anything is the clearing of rubbish during the day. Sort this out and the experience would be ten times more enjoyable.”

Other recommendations made in the report include putting slatted boards around toilets and providing more water fountains.

Essex Police said they did put out warnings to festival-goers about abusing drugs on site and said they would look into changes for next year.

A spokesman for Essex Police said: “Police and partner agencies carried out much work before the event to warn the public about drug abuse.

“However, we always review matters using information gathered from every event and discuss with our partner agencies about any improvements.”